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 Meet the Director of Little Wooden Toybox:
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Tash Kritter, the Director of Little Wooden Toybox has a Bachelor of Education K-7 and is a mother of two gorgeous children; both diagnosed with Autism.

During her years at university and in early intervention therapy (working with occupational therapists, psychologists and speech pathologists), Tash has developed a strong conviction of the importance of play in early childhood and the impact it has in adult years.
Will you join our team and help us achieve our goal of educating mums how to provide rich learning experiences for their children including creative play & sensory play
+ understand the educational benefits of learning through play?!
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Join our community of like minded mums who are passionate about learning through play and who love sharing their creative play ideas with each other and the wider community. (Plus save 20% on your own orders and earn 20% on referred orders!)

- Are you friendly and approachable with great communication skills  

- Do you love contributing to the team, giving your feedback, ideas and sharing your experiences?

- Are you reliable and efficient?

- Do you understand the hardship of parenting and are willing to support other mums on their parenting journey?

- Do you love Little Wooden Toybox educational toys and resources?

- Do you want to learn more about learning through play and pass on this knowledge to other mums so that their children can benefit too?
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